Sunday, February 5, 2012

3D Printer = JAIL!

At least in one of the short stories written by one of my favorite authors, Cory Doctorow . 
“Printcrime” is a 2006 science fiction short story about man who goes to prison for illegal printing.
Can you imagine that? Well, maybe in a distant future... or not, but I'll bet the same thing happened when Prohibition was instated in the U.S., no one predicted it, for sure!
If you love sci-fi, and especially if the technology described in it is quite tangible or current bleeding edge, you'll find in his books a not so distant future.
One thing you'll be surprised is the possibility of download for free all of his books... you've read it right... F-R-E-E, as in nienti, nada, libre, मुक्त, bure... well, you've got it by now :)
Now, you go read the story and the reason why he wrote it in here, and... you'll read it all the books afterwards. 

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