Friday, April 20, 2012

Almost lost my bearings!

It has been a while from my last post, but let's get back to work!

Bearings... I went bearing shopping, at least get some ratings, and i was shocked!!!

I've asked on brick and mortar shops, and the prices... they asked me 4,50€ plus VAT for 1... yep, one 608 bearing!! 608zz are the same bearings you can find in skateboards, and not long ago I've built some longboards and there are top notch bearings in ceramic with ultra rolling power for 60€.... 8 of them!!!

And the cherry on top of the cake, linear bearings, lm8uu ones, 17€+VAT, also for one bearing... I'll be needing at least 11 of those!!!!

Well, I was getting disappointed, fired up a browser,, lm8uu, and bought 12 bearings for 10€...

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