Friday, June 8, 2012

Installing Cura on Ubuntu

Yesterday Celso sent me a little video of his last print with the Ultimaker. It's a big gear of Greg's Wade reloaded - Guidler, Tilt Screws, Fishbone Gears and I was amazed with the print quality.

In the same mail he said something about Slic3r not being so great and mentioned Cura as the holy grail of slicing, so today I took a peak at it.

I'm running Ubuntu at work, so I needed to install some bits and bytes to run the Cura thing, and we can resume to one line:

sudo apt-get install libssl0.9.8 pypy python-opengl python-wxgtk2.8 python-wxversion
And that's it! Now you can run Cura. Can't say much about it, but seems straight forward  and easy to use, almost plug'n play to a ultimaker, but with a bit of work will do on other repraps.

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